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Mitchelstown Caves

It is a common misconception that the Mitchelstown Caves are in Co. Cork, however they are in fact situated in Co.Tipperary (just a short drive from Aulber House!)

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Discovered in the 1800’s by a quarry worker who had accidently dropped his work tool in to a hole, when he moved some of the earth and rubble out of the way to pull it out below was the unbelievable collection of passages and tunnels! Amazingly if this had not happened Ireland may never have seen such a beautiful natural site! Ever since people have traveled from all over to visit the caves and in 1972 electricity and paths were installed to make it easier for the public to access.

The caves were originally formed due to water eroding limestone. They are now privately owned but a number of caverns are open to the public with guided tours available. The acoustics of the largest cavern are very impressive and the cave has actually been host to musical events!