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Bru Boru

Brú Ború cultural centre, located at the foot of the historic Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, is home to the Brú Ború group, which has given Irish traditional music, song, and dance renewed importance in the world of entertainment. In addition to their nightly performances at home, the group travels worldwide to perform for Heads of State and at prestigious world events. Some of their most notable performances include:

  • Osaka and Nogaya in Japan,
  • Seville and Shanghai 2010 – for WORLD EXPO
  • Milan – for the Italian World Cup
  • For the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Sultan of Oman
  • China – on the Great Wall, at the Summer Palace, and in the Forbidden City
  • Malaysia – the Asian Games 2009 in Penang.
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The Brú Ború Summer Seisúin commences Tuesday 29th June at 9 pm. It runs for five nights each week (Tuesday to Saturday). Come along and enjoy a nights entertainment at the award winning Brú Ború.

Facilities at Brú Ború include a folk theatre, restaurant, craft centre, recreation chamber, information centre, and genealogy suite. During the Summer season (June to August), there is an extensive programme of services and activities on offer. This includes exciting stage shows of top class traditional music, song and dance. Stage shows can be combined with lunch or dinner as appropriate to meet customer requirements. Glór na gCianta The most recent addition to the centre is Glór na gCianta (Sounds of History). These subterranean chambers, seven metres underground at the base of the famous Rock of Cashel, echo to the story of Ireland from ancient times to the present day.